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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 2015

Dar, Tanzania


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Government’s development spending shapes your life. It pays for the roads and bridges you travel on, for the schools and clinics that nurture you, and the water and electricity that makes your life possible. But, do you really know where the money comes from or where it goes?

Does development spending really improve lives, or grow the economy?

And, can data from agencies like NASA or civil society help us track other issues ranging from organised crime to terror attacks, or from illegal mining operations to dodgy doctors?

Come join us to find out during a *free* 3-day d|Bootcamp that explores how you can access and use the data. The d|Bootcamp will bring together international speakers from NASA, the World Bank, and UK Guardian newspaper with aspiring Ugandan data journalists and civic watchdogs, alongside technologists and digital designers, for hands-on learning and collaboration on team projects.

The best projects will win $10,000 in seed grants and technology support.

Hacks (Journalists) & Bloggers

Journalists, Bloggers, Videographers, Graphic Artists, Interactive Designers. Learn to tell more powerful stories with new new tools. Learn to use data to create localised / personalised content.

Hackers & Makers

Developers, Designers, User Experience (UX) Researchers, Engineers. Come work on meaningful problems for mass audiences. Get connected to new markets, and practice your skills.

Civil Society Professionals

Data Experts, Government ICT Thought-leader and NGOs. Come help connect indicators to issues. Team up with civic technologists and mass media pioneers to build citizen tools.

Session Leaders

Justin Arenstein

Justin Arenstein
ICFJ / Code for Africa


serah njambi kiburu

Serah Njambi Rono
Code for Africa


David Lemayian

David Lemayian
Code for Africa



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This Kampala d|Bootcamp  has been made possible through support from the following partners:

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Our Mission

To boost analytical, evidence-based public discussion
by giving citizens, journalists and civil society
access to the data, digital tools, and computational skills
necessary for transforming our societies into digital democracies.